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Hack Facebook Account

We sell the cheapest and most reliable Facebook hacking service on the deep web.

Price per account: 0.008 BTC

Bitcoin address for making deposit: 1KwAhCCG81GjvTtFW4jvaooRikRdKYMomq

How does it work?

Deposit 0.008 BTC to the address above and send us an e-mail to ki113r@protonmail.com with the victim's facebook profile url (//www.facebook.com/USERNAME) and exact time of when you sent the Bitcoin so we can verify it with the blockchain.
We will send you the account login info within 48 hours. 100% Money back guarantee.


How do I get bitcoins?

You can buy them at https://localbitcoins.com/

Why are you not replying to my email?

If we don't get a profile link and proof of Bitcoin payment, we will not reply to prevent being traced.

I sent you the money, why haven't you replied within 48 hours?

Make sure you sent the bitcoins to the correct address, and ensure that the email is correct. Send us an email reminder, we have a lot of accounts to hack, so we might have missed your email.

How can I trust you that this is not a scam?

Short answer, you cant. Long answer, there is a lot of hackers for hire all over the deep web, that is a fact. But like with any deep web service or product, sometimes you just gotta take risks.


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